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7 Tips for Understanding UX

UX comes with many misconceptions, and understandably so – it can often be a grey area. So, to help you understand UX and all that it entails, here’s seven tips to point you in the right direction followed by our comprehensive infographic looking into UX and why yours needs to be better. 

It isn’t a quick fix

Often, many people don’t realise the time scale involved in UX design and can become impatient. Creating great UX involves a lot of refining to ensure the best quality results we can achieve for you, and for that reason it isn’t a job done in one click of a button.

We’ll need our own user research

You may feel you know all about your customer base, but in order to make yours the best UX project we can, we will need to conduct some user research ourselves, as it won’t be enough to go on what you’ve collected for yourself. It’s important for us to build personas too so we can create project goals specific to yours and your customers’ needs.

There’s many different approaches

UX is a flexible process with many different approaches, as opposed to one particular process. This means we can adapt our working method to your business, and apply a process that suits you.

It’s not to be confused with UI

UX involves a lot more than designing and documenting screens. It also includes user research, usability testing, scenarios, and storyboards. UX is becoming more and more about process as time goes on and the internet develops, particularly in terms of service design and content strategy.

Testing for usability

A lot of people wonder why it’s necessary to test a design. Well, you may know how your design works for you, but without testing it with users, you won’t know for sure just how well it functions. We can find this out by allowing users to engage with the design and then asking them for feedback. This will give us an idea of what we need to improve, or whether the design is just right.

It’s not to be confused with usability

Although important, usability shouldn’t be confused with UX. It is often assumed that all design services should cover usability too. UX, however, is a much bigger area than that. UX is about the experience a user has when interacting with your design, whereas usability is about how effectively and efficiently a user as achieved their goals.

UX is a broad spectrum

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to find a lead, designer, and a graphic artist all rolled into one. Well, you can, but they are very, very rare, like a dodo who forgot to become extinct. UX covers a broad spectrum, and it’s very difficult to become an expert in every skill that it requires, which is why work often gets shared out to different specialists.


Hopefully this has cleared up any queries you might have about UX. Check out our infographic too, to find out more tips and statistics to make your UX even better.

If you need a hand with your UX or for further information on how we can help your company grow through technology, please contact us today or call us on 0208 133 8210.



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