4 Reasons Why Your Event Needs an App


Mobile devices are more and more commonly used by businesses, and if your business isn’t utilising the benefits of apps and social media, then you’re missing out. They can be a great way of creating a dialogue with your audience, which is why they prove to be highly beneficial when used at your events. Here’s 4 reasons why your event needs an app.


Come into the present

It’s probably a good idea to start embracing technology for fear of your business looking like it lives in the past, if nothing else. By using apps, you are showing your customers and clients that your company is modern and up to speed. The digital age is here and you should be making the best of it. An app will allow your audience to interact with you directly, keeping them interested in the event which you can now hype up.


Encourage audience involvement

Audience participation isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Even if at your event you’re just asking your audience for a raise of hands – some people shy away from this level of involvement. To make it less daunting, as an alternative, and to still get your audience actively involved, feeding back to to your conference, lecture, launch party, etc, an app can facilitate the same immediate results with less pressure on your audience. With features on your app such as polls and questionnaires, you’re set up for an event with high value for both you and your attendees.


Social media is a must

It goes without saying that all businesses should be using social media to draw attention to and grow their brand, whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. If you really want to go the extra mile, although not strictly social media, you could start using Snapchat too. With a mobile app, you will be able to keep your audience, both attendees and non, updated. This can help hype up your event and brand.

You could also post photos and videos directly from the event, and post updates such as changes of time and location for talks, etc. Attendees can then feel more involved, interacting with your posts, and at the same time you are keeping those who couldn’t make it onboard, and getting them interested in coming to your next event.


Collect data

Using an app gives you the opportunity to collect data that otherwise might be missed. You can collect information in real-time, with surveys and analytics, so that later on you are able to analyse which parts of the event were successful and which were not so. You’ll also be able to consider what can be done to improve your event for next time, via the perspective of your audience – the ultimate source.


With so much to benefit from, it’s pretty hard to argue that mobile apps aren’t the way forward for business. If your business holds regular events, and you would like them to be bigger, better, and for your audience to enjoy the experience ten-fold, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can offer you in terms of mobile apps.