5 Benefits of Using TouchScreens in Your Retail Store

With the majority of the public shopping online these days, and increasingly with retailers making online shopping smartphone and tablet-friendly too, public stores need to do everything they can to promote the benefits of in-store shopping. For this reason, more and more retailers are beginning to use customer-interactive and engaging commercial touchscreens in their stores, and by keeping your audience in mind, you can create a financially beneficial touchscreen service for your store too. Here’s 5 reasons why you should.


In-depth advertising

With an in-store touchscreen kiosk, you have the ability to advertise your products in the depth they deserve, enabling your customers to make more informed buying decisions. Your kiosk could display galleries of images, or a catwalk video showing off your wares. You could also display great customer reviews of your products to entice potential buyers, or social media feeds of a product being talked about highly.

Targeted promotions

Take your marketing a step further and introduce some targeted promotions as incentives for your customers to buy particular products. Whether it’s a 2-for-1 deal on a packet of your best biscuits, or a discount on this season’s must-have dress, promotions like this are a great way of building trust in your brand. With different promotions on regularly, you may also find customers keep returning to see what you’ve got to offer next.


Why not increase your chances of making a sale, and create a wayfinding tool for your touchscreen kiosk? This can help point your customers in the right direction, not only leading them straight to the product they are looking for, but improving their in-store experience, and as result make your customers more likely to buy.

Self-service payment

By offering a self-service payment system to your customers, you will immediately free up members of staff who can then use their time to improve the service of other areas of your store. By offering self-service like this, with which customers can use an online payment system to pay with their card, you will also save on the additional hardware otherwise needed. You will be meeting the needs of customers in a hurry who don’t want to wait around for a checkout clerk too.


Customer feedback can go a long way in informing you of what your business is doing right and wrong, and what your next move should be. With a touchscreen kiosk you are given a further platform and opportunity to gather such valuable information. You can invite customers to take quick surveys on your kiosk about your products and their experience shopping with you, enabling you to evolve with your customer’s wants and needs.


With a touchscreen kiosk, your store could really ramp it up a notch in terms of both service and sales, with an engaging use of touchscreen technology that your customers will remember, and as a result making them want to return. If you’re looking to create your own touchscreen interface, why not get in touch with us via the contact form below, we’re always happy to help. 

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