5 Tips for Great Usability

When building a website, the prospective user must always be at the forefront of your decisions. If your website lacks usability, then what’s the use? Basing your website around your user will ensure you are meeting their goals and habits, creating something they will enjoy visiting and interacting with, building a positive relationship between you. Here’s 5 things to consider in creating a user-friendly website.

Make it available and accessible

If a user can’t access your website full-stop, then you’re flogging a dead horse from the get-go. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’d recommend getting good hosting so your users aren’t faced with errors. We’d suggest making sure your website is mobile-responsive, and that it is compatible with all screen sizes and devices. Also, you should check all your website’s links to ensure they are all working, to avoid your user encountering that dreaded ‘404’ page.

Make it learnable

Intuitive design basically eliminates the user struggling with or having to read a handbook to navigate your website, and it’s crucial to usability. The way to do this is to use concepts that are well known, that other websites are already using, to ensure your user will be familiar with yours. Familiarity is one of our favourite things as users and consumers. By all means do something new, but make sure it’s quick and easy for your user to pick up, perhaps offering extra information on your user’s first visit.

Make it with clear

It’s important that your website is as clear as possible, so that your users can find what they need without being distracted, or getting fed up and leaving: a simple, focussed website will avoid any distractions, and as we mentioned, familiarity will also keep your user heading in the right direction. You should also make sure your website is consistent, as not to confuse your user and make it so your design guides them to where they need to go. Understanding your user and what they will expect will help you build a website to their needs. Offering a chance for feedback will encourage interaction, and this too is very healthy in building a positive relationship.

Make it credible

This is where you need to ensure your website is looking its best. Credibility will build trust with your user, but can’t be attained if your website is drowning in broken links and endless typos. Make sure everything is working as it should be before going live, as if your website isn’t up to scratch your user will start to wonder whether your company isn’t either. An ‘About Us’ page is essential to display how genuine and professional you are. If you have some great testimonials to show off, then make sure they are on display too.

Make it relevant

This is where user background research comes in handy again. Find out what your user’s current needs are, what the latest trends are, and what it was that brought them to your website. With this information, ensure that all your content is relevant, constantly updating your website to stay one step ahead of the game.

If you’re looking to improve your usability, or need a website from scratch, we would love to help. Get in touch via the contact form below, and take a look at the advanced WordPress design and development service to see what we can do for you.