Business Beyond Covid-19: Your essential digital guide

For individuals, businesses, organisations, and governments, 2020 has been a year like no other. And it’s one we’ll never forget. 

While the word unprecedented will no doubt be an unwanted contender for word of the year, when history looks back on this moment, that’s exactly what will be said. 

On 23rd March, we took a leap into the unknown. The nation faced up to a new reality. Of remote working, reconnecting with neighbours and showing our appreciation for the NHS. 

And when it comes to the business community, there simply is no other fitting word. 

Businesses faced unprecedented closures, dealt with unprecedented questions of how to keep their staff and customers safe, and performed unprecedented pivots. And now we could be facing an unprecedented recession. 

But as we’ve begun to emerge from lockdown, tentative steps have been made to return to offices, the high street is open, and local businesses are once again top of the agenda. 

The issue of how we navigate this new world is front and centre on every business agenda. 

How to think bigger, work smarter and act faster in a world recovering from crisis

In this guide we provide a more optimistic and reassuring outlook of the road ahead. To understand and make sense of the current situation for businesses, we: 

  • Look back over the last few months to gauge the initial impact on individuals, businesses and the economy 
  • Highlight our own key learnings and the issues we’ve faced as a business 
  • Focus on the evolving needs of consumers & highlight key industry insights 
  • Detail short term steps that businesses can take right now 
  • Re-evaluate the economic crash of 2008, question what it meant for businesses and showcase recession start-up successes 

View the full guide now for your essential insights to think bigger, work smarter and act faster in these unprecedented times.