Our latest Digi-Cluster — Summer Party!

On August 26th, we held our annual Digi-Cluster Summer Party. It was our third Digi-Cluster of 2021 and our first in-person event of the year. It was amazing to be back sharing ideas, enjoying drinks and just taking in the atmosphere together. While it’s been great to connect online, nothing beats a face-to-face meet-up — especially after this past year!

We’re here to update you on how things went — and some of the highlights — in case you happen to have missed it!

Digi-Cluster’s co-host and CEO of Clock Syd Nadim provided the introductions to our amazing 90-second expert pitches. Learn more about them below:

Alex Parrot

Alex runs the design studio No One Right Answer (or NORA, to their nearest and dearest) from St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Specialising in branding, print and digital work for a range of national and international clients – including Conservation International, Imperial College, London; The Royal Brompton Hospital; Somerset House and many more.

Shane McEvoy

Shane is CEO of LeadFLY, specialising in helping businesses grow with cost-effective lead generation. Shane has created a “done for you” system to generate quality customer leads that turn into business and generate profit.

Sharon Shapiro

Sharon is the Director of Brolly Marketing which gives clients access to the experts that can help them to achieve their business and personal objectives. With thirty years’ experience, Sharon and her associates help their clients to grow their business through developing their CRM, training sales teams, qualifying leads and more.

Emma Cameron also introduced our wonderful sponsors, VWV. We also held a business card draw to win champagne — congrats to Lee Keogh from the Watford Chamber of Commerce who took home the prize! And of course, drinks and bbq food were enjoyed by all — as well as lots and lots of cake.

Following the success of this month’s Digi-Cluster we’re really looking forward to the next one coming up this summer, with tickets available soon! If you attended the event and have any feedback on how we can make the next one even better, we’d love you to get in touch.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in creating this event — and of course to our spearers, 90-second pitchers and all our guests! It was amazing to see you all. An extra-special thanks has to go to our sponsors VWV for helping to make the event happen.