The launch of Professional Hairdresser

The team recently launched a redesign of a website for Professional Hairdresser,  a monthly magazine, for people within the hairdressing sector. They promote the latest hair care products, providing inspiration and tips using “How to guides” and also providing the latest news from hair.

The overall aim of the website was to refresh which was outdated and not in line with the magazine. They wanted the site to look modern, and for the content to be more of a hook and drive people to the site.

The new site

The main goal was to re-design the website enhancing the products and collections. To achieve this we opted for an image-led style to catch people’s attention and make the site more impactful. Due to the variety of content we designed unique modules for each type to give a sense of authenticity.

The site shows detailed guides on how to achieve certain effects, colours and hair styles so we wanted to take advantage of the new web trends and we kept elements fixed on the screen as you scroll down to read the main content. This way we create a balance between image and content making the site more engaging and appealing for the viewer.
Guess who?

Our CTO Ollie gave his final thoughts on the project this week;

“We’re very excited to launch Professional Hairdressers’ new website as part of our wider digital strategy project within Hamerville Media Group. Both teams have worked very closely to bring the website to life, making it functional as well as good looking while also meeting commercial objectives. Now the site is live, we look forward to seeing it develop its online vision and expect there to be some fantastic metrics over the coming months.”

Don’t forget to check out the new site by visiting