3 Web Design Trends to Get Onboard With in 2017


With the development of technology always progressing, giving web designers new factors to consider when designing websites to meet users’ needs, it’s vital to stay on top of the game and aware of the latest trends in order to give users the best experience possible.

As with every year, 2017 has brought with it its trends that users are demanding when browsing the web. Here’s 3 web design trends of 2017, that if you’re not implementing already, we recommend catching up with.



What with being a highly visually-minded species, videos are hugely beneficial to websites as a way to illustrate a point or promote a product amongst the story that is your website.

Not only are videos aesthetically pleasing, breaking up the text of your website content, along with still images, they are also a very effective way of helping users remember the information you are providing, with around 65% of users who have watched a video retaining what they’ve seen. Information via audio, however, is only retained by around 10%.

Once you have some videos that you can upload to your website (don’t be shy and upload a bunch of them) you will then also be able to share them via social media where, particularly on Facebook, videos have become increasingly popular, and you can start increasing conversions.

Bright colours

As one of the first things your users will notice about your website, the consideration of what colours you will use in your web design should not be taken lightly. No matter what web design trends come and go, the subject of colours always remains.

This year, we have seen websites take a turn from more neutral colours to begin using bright and bold colours, giving websites a bit of zing and bringing them to life. Combined with big text and big headers, using colour this way will help create impact on your users and give them a clear understanding of what your website is about, as well helping it stand out from the crowd.


Virtual Reality

One of the most significant advances in web design in 2017 has come in the shape of virtual reality. Hot on everyone’s lips, and although it has been building for some time now, it seems website design is now really calling out for it. It adds a completely new dynamic to websites by bringing them to life with an interactive quality that web users are wanting more and more of. With interactive design elements becoming further in demand, it’s worth getting onboard with VR to keep those conversions increasing.

Not all of these design tips will be for everyone, so depending on your tastes, your brand, and what you feel your users are wanting, pick the tips that are going to work for you and have fun with them.



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