8 Apps for Developers to Make Your Job Easier

Being developers, we can get so busy ourselves creating apps for others that we forget that apps can be useful for us too, and can help us improve our work. So, developers, let us not be forgotten in this app-crazy world: here’s a list of 8 of the best apps for developers, and which could also prove useful for non-developers too.


Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) and a must-have for app developers, offering a range of tools for software development, including editor extensions to make coding easier than ever. It also features runtime issues to detect problems and a Memory Debugger.


Coda is great for editing text and creating websites. It comes with a FTP tool already built-in, as well as a range of CSS tools, helping you add a bit pizazz to your websites. It also comes with autocomplete, reducing your work time and making web projects easier.


With lots of images in an application, it can soon get big. As an antidote to this, ImageOptim can be used to decrease the app’s size, as well as shrinking down those images that are taking up so much space and weighing heavy on load time.


Having previously been a Apple Design Award runner-up, Flow is an FTP client for OS X which is highly accessible and quick to learn. Its intuitive design and function makes uploading websites and content to the web a quick and simple process.


If you’re looking for a subversion app, then look no further than Versions. Its slick and stylish interface makes your job as developer so much faster and smoother, freeing up more time for you to concentrate on other parts of your project.


Is the amount of revisions of your files and code starting to overwhelm you and give you a headache? If only there was an app which made it easier to see what’s what. Well, good news, that’s exactly what Kaleidoscope does. With Kaleidoscope, you can see the changes that have been made to both images and text, as well as compare files.


This new text editor for OS X includes a great range of features, including autocompletion and syntax highlighting for various languages. It also allows you to quickly see errors within code and preview the finished result.


Alfred is not only massively popular amongst developers but it’s also completely free, and who doesn’t like a freebie? Alfred makes locating files and information a walk in the park. With just the tap of two keys you can search documents, bookmarks, and the web. You can then copy and move files and documents with ease.

With this list you should find your job as a developer becomes a whole lot easier. We’d recommend downloading anything you’re interested in and having a play about, seeing for yourself whether the app is the right one for you. And if not, try another – there’s plenty out there to choose from.

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