A stable online presence requires the right hosting.


It needs to be reliable, quick and easy to access. We help you find the right hosted solutions that are flexible, accessible and always cater to your requirements. Unless we architect a custom hosted solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we only ever use a specific Virtus data centre based in North London.


Secure and Stable Hosting Plans

We keep your business online with our robust cloud hosting plans. All of our hosting packages are secure, and we strive for a 99.99% up-time to keep your website live. Our servers sit in an enterprise class UK data-centre, with the most developed and trusted hardware.

Our secure and stable hosting plans include:

  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Access to a support & development team
  • SSL certificate included with any new server
  • Free migration for new server transfers
  • Priority access to ad hoc support and ongoing design and development



To guarantee that you have a flexible, agile and accessible cloud hosting solution, we have the capability to architect a custom hosted solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our team will continually monitor the health of your AWS cloud, ensuring that we quickly detect any threats and resolve issues before they impact your business. Our AWS cloud services include comprehensive infrastructure management, system maintenance and problem resolution.

We are always on hand to ensure your online presence is stable, reliable and quick.


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