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Wythenshawe Hospital (part of Manchester University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust) are on a mission to utilise the power of technology to improve patients’ experience.

The Challenge

J B Cole were approached by Wythenshawe Hospital (part of Manchester University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust) to develop, design and launch a web-based app — as part of a larger pilot project — that would allow the capture, analysis and real-time presentation of anonymous survey results related to patient experience within the lung cancer service.

The NHS Foundation Trust had invested a significant amount of time to understand the core pillars of care within Wythenshawe hospital (known as the ‘Safe-7 Pillars’‚ that make patients and their carers feel comfortable and safe throughout their cancer treatment journey in the hospital. They wanted to expand on this service (and feeling of safety and care for patients) through a web platform which would gather further feedback from patients, family members and carers through public-facing anonymous surveys — while also keeping data safe. 

The survey would take patients, family members and carers through their experience of treatment and care at the hospital. It would need to be simple and user-friendly to encourage patients to want to take part. The data would then need to be aggregated and displayed within a visual admin dashboard which can be filtered by type of user.

The Solution

The team at J B Cole proposed a web-based platform that would meet the needs of Wythenshawe Hospital’s Lung Cancer Service — and were chosen as part of a competitive pitch to create the solution.

Following discovery sessions, as well as defining the requirements, the team began the work required to allow for a seamless data-gathering experience from patients and carers, with highly accurate and meaningful data for staff to allow the hospital to live monitor and improve their experience when dealing with patients going through cancer treatment.  

The solution is now complete, with user-friendly wireframes having been created for both the survey forms as well as the administrative dashboard. Beyond the current needs of the Safe-7, J B Cole has developed an accessible, secure form that has the potential to be used for various pathways across the hospital and the NHS nation-wide.

The Impact

To be part of such a groundbreaking and meaningful project with the NHS is a privilege for the team at J B Cole.

While the platform will form part of the pilot project — and have a positive effect on the lives of those going through this pathway — it has been designed with the capacity to expand to other services around Greater Manchester and across the NHS.


The pathway has now received the best part of 1200 responses on the system within the first year, capturing incredibly valuable insights in real-time; the system really is going strength to strength.

Technology & Design

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