We start with the customer and analyse their needs.


In order to define the mindset of your prospects and to understand the messaging that resonates, and the channels that will perform, it’s key to have a data-driven view of each of your customer segments. By creating personas and defining customer groups, we’re able to tailor marketing efforts and define channel strategies to enhance their chance of converting.


Marketing Strategy Audit

Once we define your user groups, we run a full analysis of your current strategy, evaluating what works and where key changes need to be made.

We work alongside you to implement the right approach to data and reporting to understand current channel performance. In addition to this we collaborate with key stakeholders from within your business to obtain an ongoing view of any changing business priorities to ensure all marketing activity is streamlined.

We will work alongside your performance marketing teams to optimise your marketing strategy to make sure we develop a plan that caters to your requirements and the needs of your customer.


Reporting and Reviewing

We take an evolutionary view to the performance of your marketing. Factors such as existing performance, customer demands, new products and new business priorities will often necessitate small changes and tweaks to ongoing activity.

Having implemented the right reporting framework for your business, we use data and insights to continually monitor the performance of your marketing activity to understand where changes need to be made and to define the ongoing channels of priority.

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