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After the successful dynamic redesign of their homepage, CEDR, a leading mediation and ADR service provider, approached J B Cole UK with a new challenge. The objective was to increase the conversion rate, streamline administration, enhance back-end management, and improve the user journey of their event booking platform.

The Challenge

Before the project initiation, the booking platform required a series of manual actions to be completed for each event. Managing oversubscriptions, updating attendee and reserve lists, manual email communications, and other cumbersome processes were taking a toll on efficiency. Additionally, the existing system had limitations, with various plugins and systems interacting within the platform.


The project faced complexity due to the website’s numerous moving parts and various interacting systems. Integration with existing plugins, such as WooCommerce, and linking to Hubspot for forms, marketing, and sales, required careful consideration to maintain functionality without compromising the existing system.

The Solution

J B Cole UK addressed these challenges through a comprehensive update of the booking system, focusing on UI/UX design and functionality improvements. The critical enhancements included automating the waitlist by implementing a new UI and UX design that automatically adds clients to the reserve list when a course is oversubscribed. This eliminated the need for manual updates and enhanced the overall user experience.


We also introduced visible indicators for sold-out courses, providing transparency to users and managing expectations. This feature improved user engagement and reduced frustration. As CEDR runs hybrid events in addition to in-person ones, we updated the information on these listings, allowing users to book for in-person or online registration. This accommodated the evolving needs of clients in a changing landscape.


We also optimised the checkout process by requesting additional key information and simplifying the booking process for multiple participants. This made it easier for clients to book courses for multiple employees. We further optimised the checkout process to create future opportunities through the introduction of an upsell section. Now, users are recommended similar courses at a specific point in the checkout process, potentially increasing sales and providing a personalised experience. 


The information page was updated with a map of the location, dropdown information, and a comprehensive FAQ section. The design overhaul improved overall page aesthetics and user engagement.


To enhance communication with clients and support the customer service department, we completely redesigned automatic email notifications, ensuring a more professional and user-friendly interaction.

The Results

Following the update, CEDR reported significant positive outcomes:


  • Increased Waitlist Engagement: 30 people signed up on the waitlist for sold-out events, preventing the potential loss of participants.
  • Time Savings: The new participant form saved considerable time for the training team by capturing the required information early in the process.
  • Expanded Payment Methods: The introduction of Apple Pay provided additional payment options, resulting in increased usage and client satisfaction.

As CEDR’s development partner, we successfully designed and developed UI/UX improvements and functionality enhancements to optimise the event booking platform. The project resulted in increased waitlist engagement, time savings for the training team, and improved payment options, contributing to a positive impact on CEDR’s overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

Technology & Design

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