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Hamerville is a leading trade publisher and exhibition organiser.


The business has been in place for over 45 years, running an audited suite of publications that cater to the needs of professional tradespeople and merchants including builders, electricians, plumbers and mechanics.

The Challenge

Although Hamerville’s success in print is undeniable, the future of their business depends on transforming their digital offering and transitioning that success to digital; we were able to help Hamerville evolve and adapt in a way that suited their priorities.

Hamerville approached us with the broad task of revamping and transforming their digital strategy. For us, it was key to gain a full understanding of how this aim could truly be translated to focus on the daily issues the business faces. 

Firstly, we realised our approach must be primarily concerned with creating a centralised internal approach to digital across all 12 publications encompassing editorial, sales and management. The second was to increase relevant traffic and engagement across all owned digital platforms to enable the growth of advertising revenues.

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01 / 07

The Impact

After hosting internal workshops with each department and having fully audited the business’ internal structure, from processes to ways of working, it illustrated that the approach to digital from within the business was extremely fragmented, without a single vision for online promotion. 

We started the project by running a full audit on all 12 sites and social media profiles based on historic data and stakeholder interviews. This enabled any irregularities in the data to be identified and removed from the account, such as internal traffic, bots, and automated traffic, ensuring all traffic was correctly identified. 

Alongside this, we introduced in-depth reporting using the Google suite including Ad Manager, Tag Manager and Data Studio. This created the capability to accurately measure improvements across multiple segments of the business, rather than a single block of traffic.

The Results

We have worked onsite over the course of a year supporting client teams and putting in place new processes, training methods updated technologies, driving real transformational change within the business.

Through the introduction of a Digital team to manage all digital communications centrally,  this has led to a more unified approach with the ability to focus on digital, rather than treat it as secondary to the original business.

Digital Strategy

Our partnership-led approach to digital strategy ensures we work alongside key stakeholders across all departments within your organisation, to identify essential improvements across your marketing, sales and operations. We work with you to implement a business-wide digital change strategy that is unique to your goals and objectives for both the short and long-term.

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