Technology & Design are a price comparison site who present financial advice to their readers in new and exciting ways.


Through our partnerships with leading agencies KW Digital and Brazen PR, we were challenged to create various calculator tools that could be used on-site by’s visitors.

The Challenge required various calculator tools for their online visitors: one example was aimed at calculating how much parental leave users could afford to take based on their finances, and the other was designed to explore the salaries of dream jobs in various locations. The tools needed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, allowing users to work out simplified financial plans with the touch of a button. The team at J B Cole took on the challenge and delivered services spanning development, design and implementation.

The Impact

The impact of tools like this allow businesses to bring a unique offering to their digital sites, as well as giving ordinary topics such as everyday finances a fun twist.

The parental leave calculator, whilst easy to use, offers detailed advice surrounding the time off available to new mothers and fathers. By taking the client’s algorithm and presenting it through a Javascript iFrame, J B Cole enabled Money’s users to enter their outgoings, income, savings and aspirations for paternal leave to get the best estimated advice possible. Also designed and created from scratch, the dream jobs calculator used a map to present potential earnings for positions in different locations.

The Results

Creating these accessible and functional calculators for Money allowed them to offer a new and simple method of organising personal finance to their customers. Enabling users to take control of their own data and explore their options encourages people to return to the site, as well as recommending the service to others.

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